Sahara dust departs towards Germany leaving behind good weather

Sahara dust clouds leave for Germany
Photo Credit: Juliette Hanique

The Sahara dust that caused beautiful sunrises and sunsets in recent days no longer hangs over Brabant. People could still find on Thursday a thin layer of dust on the car or on the roofs. Some of the dust rained from the sky Wednesday night, says Wouter van Bernebeek of Weerplaza.

The red-yellow sky that the Sahara dust brought with it made for many beautiful pictures. And those pictures are all that’s left of it. Weatherman Van Bernebeek: “The dust has now been blown towards Germany.”

The light clouds that it brought with it also disappear with it: “Especially in the west, it will be sunny again.”

Beautiful again
Thursday morning was still cloudy in many places, so we had a slightly less exuberant sunrise than in recent days.

According to the weatherman, the coming days will also be photogenic, with beautiful sunrises. “Only these will not be due to the Sahara dust,” he concludes.

Source: Omroepbrabant

Translation: Chaitali Sengupta. She also gives online INBURGERINGCLASSES.


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