Technical problem in control tower at Eindhoven Airport affects travel

eindhoven airport
Photo credit: Omroep Brabant

Air traffic at Eindhoven Airport was disrupted on Sunday morning due to technical problems in the control tower which lasted until half-past ten.

Eindhoven Airport had warned that delays and flight cancellations were expected due to the technical problems.

Winter time

The flights at ten o’clock from Rome in Italy and ten to eleven from Malaga in Spain were diverted to Weeze in Germany. Other flights were diverted to Maastricht and Rotterdam. By half-past ten, air traffic was resumed. The cause of the technical problem was not disclosed. However, the pilot on the delayed flight from Ibiza to Eindhoven informed his passengers that the problems were caused by the computers in the control tower being affected after the onset of winter time.

Many Belgian travellers were waiting in Eindhoven for the bus to Weeze in Germany, to be able to finally fly to Malaga. One commented about the situation at Eindhoven Airport. “There are people walking around in vests clueless as to what’s happening.”

Other Belgians laughed about the situation: “Voilà: in Eindhoven, the sun is shining and we are still sure that we will get to Malaga today.”

Source: Omroep Brabant

Translation: Sangeetha Dennis

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