Neighborhood fridge against food waste

neighbourhood fridge in Stratum
Photo Credit: Studio040

In Stratum, since this week, there is a fridge that is shared by the entire neighborhood. In the neighbourhood fridge, people can put food they have left over and anyone can take food out.

Neighborhood fridge

The fridge is located at Jumpstart040. It is an organisation that cooks with people who are not involved labor market. The idea of sharing the fridge came from one of the volunteers, Hans van Boele. Anyone can put their left over food in the fridge. “People who want,  can take food from here. It is for everyone,” says Joost Willems, the cook of Jumpstart040. “Even if once in a while you don’t feel like cooking for example, in the end the most important thing is that food is not wasted.”


The fridge works on the basis of trust. “We’re not going to check who has done the shopping or lock the fridge at night,” says Joost Willems. The only thing that is checked is whether the food is still good.

Food waste

As long as less food is wasted, it is fine. But for that you also have organizations like Too Good to Go or the food bank. “Companies like Too Good To Go ensure less food waste at supermarkets. With this initiative, we are making sure that that last leftover from people is also not wasted,” Willems explains.

The neighbourhood fridge can be found at Jumpstart040, at Kalmoesplein 70.


Translation: Chaitali Sengupta. She also gives online INBURGERING classes.

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