Eindhoven Pieten to be banned in 2021 Sinterklaas celebration

Photo credit: Pixabay

‘Eindhoven Pieten’ replaced the Zwarte Piet concept during the 2020 Sinterklaas celebration. However, the Eindhoven Pieten alternative is expected to be banned during the 2021 celebration and Saint Nicholas will be accompanied by sooty pieten.

Increased cost of Eindhoven Pieten

Last year, the new pieten were presented with much fanfare by the municipality. With this option, the Stichting Sint Nicolaas (Saint Nicholas Foundation) tried to settle the discussion between supporters and opponents of Zwarte Piet. There were also some frowns at the cost of the new pieten, which amounted to 40,000 euros.

Sooty Pieten

Although the new appearance of the Eindhoven Pieten ‘cost a bit’, the design has only been given a short life. For the arrival of Sinterklaas in 2021, which will not be organised by Stichting Sint Nicolaas but by Eindhoven 247, preference will be given to pieten with soot on their faces, who will also be shown on national television.

This is a response to the dissatisfaction with the new appearance of the helpers. According to the organisation Eindhoven Kan Het, the new look was a form of blackface-light.

Apart from the sooty Pieten, there will be another novelty to the Sint Nicolaas parade. Sint will not be received at the Kanaaldijk but at the city hall during this year’s celebration.

Source: Studio040

Translation: Anitha Sevugan


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