Creative women project their designs at DDW

Creative women projects their ideas in DDW
The Creative Town Photo credit: ICW

Dutch Design Week in Eindhoven is the largest design event in Europe. It presents work and concepts from more than 2,600 designers. This year the Dutch Design Week (DDW) is celebrating its twentieth edition.  

The city is going to breathe design for nine days. Hundreds of thousands of international visitors stroll through the exhibitions and talk shows. They visit the various creative corners spread out throughout this city.

International Creative Women (ICW)

One such creative corner is offered by the International Creative Women (ICW). Founded in 2018 by Sally Ocana and Yolima Grandas, ICW is a social entrepreneurship organization that aims to create a supportive community of women. It helps the partners of the internationals to kick-start their entrepreneurial pursuits.

This year ICW showcases beautiful concepts by diverse makers, designers, artists from different parts of the globe. The Colombian architect Sally specializes in Spanish Heritage restoration. Her mesmerizing eco-friendly jewelry is on display in this creative town. Impressive figurative art ‘Baba Yaga’ by artist Marta Tuminska expresses the emotions of humans. “Through this model of Baba Yaga, I’m returning to my childhood and recreating the story of the old woman Baba Yaga,” Marta explains.

Beautiful concepts

Right in the center of the Creative Town, there stands a metal Giraffe. Cindy, the graphic designer, etched it. She expresses her feelings through embossing and etching metal sheets and turning them into picturesque art. Mimicry, a collection of three mimic vases, is a project brought to life by Yolima, who is passionate about oceans and the sea.

Sustainability as a theme is also presented by the ICW makers and designers. While Marie’s Atelier Golden Koi focuses on zero waste patterns and gender-neutral clothes, Chitra believes that useless items are not waste. She uses her knowledge of mathematics and design to create an artwork of flowers. She used discarded and handmade papers for this wonderful project.

More artists and Designers

In total, 11 unique women artists and designers are displaying their talents in this years’ Dutch Design Week. ICW also conducts various creative workshops, art exhibitions and other activities every month.

Dutch Design week

Meet the Makers, International creative women
Photo credit: ICW

Dutch Design week connects good designers with several visitors who flock through the design areas. Each area has different opening hours. But most are open daily from 11:00 – 18:00. The city has themed design routes. Following this, one may reach to a unique selection of exhibitions, presentations, and activities. Expert design guides also provide you with guided tours.

A report by Chaitali Sengupta



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