Man who committed murder in GGzE gets 6 year prison term

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The 56-year old man who killed a fellow inmate from the GGzE last year has been sentenced to six years in prison and tbs by the court in Oost-Brabant.

In August of last year the man killed a fellow inmate at GGzE De Grote Beek. He did this with a nylon cord that was used to hang paintings.

According to the suspect’s defence, he was in a state of diminished responsibility or even completely insane at the time of the murder. A psychologist and a psychiatrist also diagnosed depression and a personality disorder. He could have reacted psychotically as a result. The man could also hear voices that incited him to kill his fellow inmate.

According to the court, it is very likely that the man’s mental state played a role. Complete insanity cannot be ruled out, but neither can it be ruled out that the man knew to some extent what he was doing. The court therefore considers him to be of diminished responsibility.

Without reason
The man took away his co-resident’s life for no reason. The court also took into account that the victim resisted intensely and had to undergo a ‘terrible and violent death struggle’. Because the court considers the risk of repetition to be high, the man has been sentenced to six years in prison and tbs.


Eindhoven News translator: Bob

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