Fontys and Summa college students to improve the quality of life in Gestelse area

Elderly care
Picture credit: Image by Gerd Altmann from Pixabay

Students from Fontys Hogescholen and Summa College are going to work in the Gestelse Ontginning neighbourhood. Through this program, they are planning to improve the quality of life among the older inhabitants of the area.

The students are going to focus on the role of the Genderhof residential community in the neighbourhood. “The former care center Genderhof now mainly houses people who urgently need temporary accommodation. This includes migrant workers, refugees, and people who are without a home after a divorce,” says Fontys.

“The students firstly investigate what the talents and strengths of the residents are. Following that, they will look at how these can be linked to the needs and qualities of the elderly people in Gestelse Ontginning,” says the educational institute.

Stronger community

The project must ensure that a stronger community is created in the neighbourhood. Both the elderly people and the young people’s needs should be balanced. They must strive to form a stronger community that can support each other.

Several projects

Students from Social Studies with a minor in ‘Community Development’ will be particularly involved in the project, but students from other courses can also lend a helping hand, Fontys says. Besides Gestelse Ontginning, similar projects are being started in Achtste Barrier and Woensel-Zuid areas. Wooninc., GGzE, and WIJeindhoven are also working on the project.


Translated by: Anitha Sevugan

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