Summer temperatures in sight

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Summer is coming and summer temperatures are in the offing. For the coming few days, it will remain dry.  

Wilfred Janssen of Weerplaza doesn’t rule out a 25-degree temperature next Tuesday and Wednesday. The temperature will gradually rise in the coming days, the weatherman said in the Omroep Brabant radio program WAKKER!

“Drizzling at first”
“It will get better, especially if you compare it to the current situation, but,” Janssen tempers the expectations, “especially in the northeast of the province, there will still be a lot of clouds in the coming hours. And from time to time, it will be drizzle or rain. In other words, it will be drizzling. The temperature will be 14 to 15 degrees and because the wind decreases, it feels a little less cold.”

Step by step the weather will improve over the next few days. Janssen: “Friday it will remain dry everywhere, but you shall have a chilly start.  In the coldest places, the mercury can drop to two or three degrees. I don’t think there will be any frost on the ground, however, due to the humidity, there is a chance of fog. So Friday will start off not only cold but also gray.”

“Twenty degrees on Friday.”
And then the good news: “The fog will linger for the first few hours, but there will be plenty of room for the sun. And despite some clouds here and there, it will remain dry everywhere and the temperature can rise locally to twenty degrees.”

According to him, it is a prelude to a mild weekend and a summery start to the next week. “Also, after today the nights will become less cold, with about eight degrees. During the day, the temperature climbs to 20 to 21 degrees on Saturday, and to 22 degrees on Sunday. After the weekend, the increase will continue.”

Over the next few days, it may already feel so temptingly warm that you’ll be sitting out in the sun unprotected. Don’t is the warning. In the southern half of our country, it could be sun strength 6 as early as Friday. If you’re not smearing sun scream,  the skin can burn within ten to 25 minutes.


Translation: Chaitali Sengupta who also gives online INBURGERING classes.

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