Drug dealers busted

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On Friday evening, the police arrested three drug dealers in and around Eindhoven.

Two men were peddling drugs in the centre of Eindhoven. An area police officer posted this on Instagram. One of the suspects was found with 65 baggies and four ‘grab bags’ of hard drugs.

The police found several kinds of soft drugs on the other. The cops have also temporarily banned both men from the area.

‘A thorn in the city’ side’

“Drug dealers and trading’s presence in the centre is a thorn in the city’s side,” says the cop in the post. “It makes visitors, residents and businesses feel unsafe. That’s why we’re making an effort in this area.”

“We use our own and information from the city’s people. If you want to report something, you can call 0900-8844 or report it to Report Crime Anonymously.”

On the same evening, the police arrested an underage suspect in Neunen too. The minor was allegedly trafficking hard drugs. Cops seized a large quantity of cocaine and money, as well as the suspect’s scooter. The police investigation is ongoing.

Source: Studio040

Translator: Melinda Walraven

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