Plans revealed for hundreds of new mid-priced rentals

Photo credit: Remco Vanderweel. Used with permission.

Hundreds of ‘mid-priced’ rental homes will be built in Eindhoven over the next few years, according to plans filed by housing corporation Trudo and developer Stayinc.

The plans indicate 450 new homes in the Strijp-S district, currently home to Trudo’s various building sites. More than 40 homes will also be built above the Veem building.

Trudo and Stayinc will also seek to buy up existing homes, including fourteen in the Tivoli district and twenty houses on Veestraat, and make these available for sale and for rent.

The project aims to “bridge a gap” between social rental housing prices and monthly rents in the private sector, according to Angela Pijnenburg, director of Stayinc’s parent company Wooninc.

The municipality supports the plans. “Starters and those with average incomes have a hard time on the housing market. There’s often no registration time, it’s difficult to obtain a mortgage, and prices on the private market are skyrocketing”, said councillor Yasin Torunoglu, adding that a sharp increase in available mid-priced housing is “very important”.

Trudo and Stayinc aim to construct btween 2,000 and 2,800 mid-priced homes in Eindhoven over the next fifteen years.

Source: Studio040

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