Plans for block of 300+ flats

An artistic impression of new block of flats to be built on the Schellens factory site: Image credit: Stayinc./Studio040

There are plans to build another block of flats in Eindhoven’s city centre

This time on the historic Schellens factory site. The building will house 330 units. The old fabric factory will remain a place for creative businesses and pop-up events.

Stayinc. presented these plans to the municipality on Thursday afternoon. Stayinc. is a property rental, management, and development firm. It focuses on the middle-rent segment, with their homes renting for between €750 and €1,000.

Space for everyone

Of the 330 flats in the new construction project, many will consist of medium-sized and socially rented homes. “We believe everyone should be able to live comfortably in the city centre,” says Stayinc.’s director, Simon Jansen. “Including less well-off people.”

“There are currently too few social housing units and medium-sized rental flats available in the city centre. With this project, we’re making a substantial contribution. It will increase the number of homes in the social and middle-rent segments.”

The Schellens factory site has been earmarked for redevelopment for years. “There’s a huge demand for housing [in Eindhoven,” says Councillor Yasin Torunoglu. “This project will ensure that hundreds of Eindhoven residents have an affordable home.”

Tiered design

The new residential complex will certainly be eye-catching. It has a tiered design, with lots of glass and greenery. The upper floors will form a bridge. Eindhoven architectural agency, Diederendirrix, designed the block. The entire building has balconies with plants and trees. The units will be gasĺess and energy-efficient manner.

The heart of the old Schellens factory will be transformed into the Schellens Stadshal. The current tenants helped come up with this design. These include places like the Stadsbrouwerij and the Lucifer Coffee Roastery. There will also be a flexible space designed for concerts and events such as Glow and the Dutch Design Week.


In 1902 Leonardus Schellens built a trijp factory on the Dommel. It was on the corner of Bleekweg and Vestdijk. Trijp, or velvet mohair as it’s known today, was a valuable material. It was used for furniture, carpets, wall coverings, and luxury clothing.

In 1927, Schellen had the historic factory built behind the Schellens works. It was last extended in 1954. Then the part where the Stadsbrouwerij is now located was added.

Construction on the new apartment block is expected to start in 2023.

Source: Studio040 and Stayinc.

Translator: Melinda Walraven

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