Concerns about blossoms in Philips Fruittuin

Phillips Fruit Garden
Photo credit: Tais Lourinho da Silva/Studio040

Their hearts are racing at the Philips Fruittuin (Fruit Garden): will the delicate blossoms survive this extreme Easter weather? The harvest may have already been damaged.

It’s a stressful Easter for Carlos Faes, the manager of the fruit garden. He’s worried about the weather conditions. “We’re prepared for the occasional frost, but this is different.”

“It has just turned winter again. It isn’t only the low temperature that’s bad for the blossoms, but also the strong cold wind. That makes it impossible for the insects to do their work”.


Faes has an alarm system by his bed that goes off when the temperature drops below zero. He also has a sprinkler system ready that he turns on when frost arrives. The water droplets prevent the flowers from freezing to death.

However, the predictions for the coming days don’t look very good. Whether or not the winter weather has caused any real damage will only become apparent in a few weeks.


Translated by: Bob

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