City wants to tackle building delays

Photo credit: Remco Vanderweel. Used with permission.

In Eindhoven, new housing developments’ plans are all too often delayed.

Councillor Yasin Torunoglu wants to try to solve this issue. More houses must become available more quickly. It often takes between five and eight years for a building to be completed, from start to finish.

That while there is a serious housing shortage in the city. There are hardly any homes available to rent or even buy. However, it doesn’t seem these construction plans can come to fruition any faster.

Many steps that take time

That’s what the councillor’s plan shows. There are simply too many things that take a lot of time. That’s on both the municipality and project developers’ side.

These include things like technical and financial calculations. Then there are building permits and zoning plans and preparations. And ultimately the construction itself.

Cllr Torunoglu thinks there are many ways in which buildings can be completed more rapidly. There should be better cooperation between the councils and project developers. Projects that can be started the fastest should get priority. Construction firms should also experiment with innovative techniques.


There are disadvantages to this, warns the councillor. The time-consuming procedures are, after all, there for a reason. Speeding up projects might cause issues.

If you rush procedures, quality could suffer. Where the process should change isn’t entirely clear. Technical requirements, as well as public participation procedures, are, after all, determined by law.

Source: Studio040

Translator: Melinda Walraven

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