Funds for startup that works on ‘super music’ against stress

Alphabets gets funs to develop stress music
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AlphaBeats is an Eindhoven startup. It develops a kind of ‘smart music’ against stress. This startup received a substantial financial support.

The startup develops software that uses biofeedback to adjust a user’s music. Philips has devised this technology. The technology, first, measures how the body reacts to music; then, it uses Artificial Intelligence (AI) to change the frequencies. The brain enters the relaxation mode faster when music is created in this way. This is a kind of super music; it reduces stress and the associated effects such as poor sleep, high blood pressure, lowered immune system, anxiety and depression.

LUMO Labs is investing the money in the company. They are convinced that the smart music of AlphaBeats will have a considerable social impact.

“We all know that music has a powerful effect on our minds,” says AlphaBeats CEO Han Dirkx. “Many people already use music to relax, unwind and process the speed of everyday life. We multiply this effect with AlphaBeats. Using artificial intelligence, this solution is up to three times more effective than listening to your favorite music alone. And after four weeks, a person’s ability to relax is significantly and structurally improved”.

The expectation is that AlphaBeats will enter the market with a product in a year and a half’s time: probably in the form of an app or other software.


Translation: Chaitali Sengupta, who also gives online INBURGERING classes.

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