More medieval ruins found in city

Photo credit: Eindhoven City Council

Archaeologists have discovered what seems to be the remains of a medieval city gate and bridge in Stratumseind.

Researchers from BODAC discovered while digging an archaeological trench. They were commissioned to do so by the Eindhoven Municipality. It is known that a city gate stood at Stratumseind from the Middle Ages onwards.

The gate was one of the few brick structures the city had at the time. The find gives a good picture of where the gate, canal, and bridge were located. The excavators found a considerable part of the gate’s brick foundation.

1300 to 1400s

Due to masonry and the type of bricks, the wall is provisionally dated to between the 14th and 15th centuries. Ten poles and a plank have also been found along the moat. These probably formed part of a fence.

Several very large square oak poles were also found in the moat. These probably carried the bridge. The archaeologists took samples to date the wood using annual ring research. They also took pollen and seed samples.

“The excavations are important for the city. It offers more knowledge about 14th-century Eindhoven,” says municipal archaeologist Peter de Boer told Studio040. The remains will stay where they are for now.

Will remain in ground

The excavation site will be covered with sand and paving stones. The archaeologists expect that there will also be better techniques to get the gate up in the future. They don’t think it will be damaged if it remains in the ground.

The excavation work for the Stratumseind’s redevelopment will start at the site next year. This trial trench is an attempt to map out the archaeological remains precisely. Contractors can keep it in mind when replacing the sewerage system.

Archaeological excavations at the start of projects provide a better picture of the sites’ history. Earlier excavations at, for example, Vestdijk’s redevelopment yielded great finds. These were remains of the wall surrounding Eindhoven’s medieval castle.

Source: Eindhoven City Council

Translator: Melinda Walraven

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