Huge billboard highlights homelessness

The city's homelessness problem on display. Photo credit: Trudo/Studio040

You might have noticed the huge light projection on Strijp-S. It went up on Monday evening.

It signals the start of a new campaign – Iedereen onder dak (‘A roof over everyone’s head). Local organisations have joined forces to raise money. They want to house and reintegrate Eindhoven’s homeless.

Over the next three months, until 15 February 2021, this 200m2 canvas will hang on the Veemgebouw. It will be lit up at night. This canvas has messages and pcitures of residents – everyday and well-known – and business people.

More than 400

They’re speaking out against homelessness. There are more than 400 homeless people on the city’s streets. That’s one per cent of the population, given that Eindhoven just over 350,000 inhabitants.

The Trudo corporation is providing extra housing for the campaign. The Eeckaerde Rotary Club is responsible for fundraising. Springplank040 is also sheltering these people as well as helping them find work.

“More than 400 homeless people. We should all be concerned about that. Especially in such a thriving, prosperous city in the smartest region [of the Netherlands],” says Marita Cals, president of the local Rotary Club.


An essential component of the campaign is the ‘Bakkie040’ project. This involves former homeless people working as baristas. They will do so in the coffee bars located in Trudo’s buildings.

Springplank040’s Thijs Eradus says, “We expect our candidates to do something during the day. So, a paid job or other activity. ‘Bakkie040’ is mainly about connecting with the people in the neighbourhood. By selling a cup of coffee and having a conversation.”

Council backing

The campaign can count on the Eindhoven City Council’s support. “I’m proud that there are more and more parties in Eindhoven committed to social issues,” says Councillor Renate Richters told a local Dutch newspaper. This campaign is a good example of this.”

“Its goal is to raise money for Bakkie040. That’s is in line with the municipality’s social care vision – support starts with home and work.”

You’re welcome to donate to this campaign here.  You could even be part of the enormous billboard in Strijp-S. That’s if you or your company can contribute more than €200. But even just €1 is enough.

Source: Studio040

Translator: Melinda Walraven

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