Local luthier busier than ever

Photo credit : Studio040

For many people, the coronavirus pandemic is a curse. But for some, it’s a blessing.

Like local luthier, Frans van Oosterhout. His clientele increased enormously during the pandemic. For those of you wondering, a luthier is someone who builds and repairs certain kinds of string instruments, like guitars.

“I think I’m busy because people have more time to play music now. And some have found an old guitar in the attic that they want to play again. All kinds of repairs have to be done, and then they end up with me,” says Frans.

Frans is one of the few of these craftspeople in the region. He was inspired, 40 years ago, by his father-in-law. “When I went to my then-girlfriend’s house, I met my ex-father-in-law. He was a luthier, and I learned the trade from him”.

Builds guitars

The marriage didn’t last, but Frans’ passion for the craft did. He now builds about six guitars a year and does lots of repairs. He also gives guitar building workshops.

Best of all, he’s invented a two-sided, travelling guitar. This instrument has strings on both sides. And when you turn it over, it sounds different. “Interesting, right?” Van Oosterhout asks. “Although I do get some strange looks when I take it along on holiday.”

People who are eager to have their guitars repaired will have to be patient. Frans still has a waiting list.

Source: Studio040

Translator: Bob

Editor: Melinda Walraven

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