Another bout of late summer weather on its way

Late summer weather
Photo credit: Chaitali Sengupta

If you’re depressed at the sight of your autumn jackets, please don’t be! Hang on there, because after the weekend, the chance of warm late summer weather increases. What’s more, it can even get to a maximum of 28 degrees on Tuesday!

A southern wind with warm air is coming our way from Sunday onwards. As a result, the temperature is rising. It can get to 25 degrees on Monday. “We see the peak especially on Tuesday. Then in the east of Brabant, it can be up to 28 degrees with lots of sunshine”, says meteorologist Raymond Klaassen of Weerplaza.

“Tropical temperatures are not out of the question on Tuesday, but the chances are small,” continues the weatherman. “The west of our province shall have a few degrees less. This high temperature is short lived, so do enjoy it!”

From next Wednesday on, it’ll be ‘just’ 23 degrees. “Thereafter it’ll still be pleasant for the time of year.”¬†Normally the temperatures around this time are between 19-21 degrees. This week the temperature remains normal for the time of year. The mercury rises this cloudy Wednesday to 20-22 degrees. From Thursday we see much more sunshine.


Translation: Chaitali Sengupta, who is giving ONLINE Inburgering classes.

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