An unofficial DAF museum

From the garden to the attic, Ad Verschuuren’s house in Tongelre is full of the most diverse DAF items.

His father worked at the DAF – that’s how it all started. Ad started collecting stuff from the Eindhoven car brand when he was a boy of ten. Hundreds of objects further down the line, and there are very few DAF- related items not in his collection.

“Why is DAF so great? Well, it’s very Eindhoven. DAF and Philips are certainly the companies that keep everything going here,” says Ad.

In the garage is his father’s DAF. Behind it, the DAF that his parents bought together. “I’ve experienced a lot in that,” Verschuuren says, smiling. “We drove it to North Cape (in Norway) and ended up in a ditch. It holds many memories.”

DAF pyjamas?

Ad’s collection contains very special pieces – ashtrays, towels, coffee mugs, card games, Sinterklaas gifts. Two metal DAFS even adorn his garden fence. Ad even sleeps in a DAF atmosphere.

His bed (with a DAF duvet) stands next to an enormous showcase. This houses miniatures of all sizes; all very detailed. And if DAF pyjamas have ever been made, Ad surely has a pair.

Few people have seen the inside of this impressive second DAF ‘museum’. And that will remain so. Verschuuren doesn’t intend opening his kingdom to the public.

Source: Studio040

Translator: Bob

Editor: Melinda

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