Unemployment in Eindhoven rises by 20%

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Eindhoven’s unemployment rate was almost 20% higher last month compared to June 2019, according to figures from the UWV.

In one of the highest increases in unemployment in south-east Brabant, 4,600 people are receiving unemployment benefits, compared to 3,900 last June.

The largest influx of benefit recipients came from the hospitality sector. In June 2019, there were 1160 unemployed in this sector. That figure was 2530 in June 2020 – an increase of 118%.

There was also a significant increase in unemployed retail workers – 3,870 in June 2020 compared to 3,230 a year ago.

Unemployment also spiked 11% in the same period in the metal industry and other commercial fields.

Meanwhile, unemployment rates in the healthcare sector fell by 9% – from 5,350 to 4,860. Similarly, unemployment rates in agriculture and government have decreased by 13% and 18% respectively.

Source: Studio040

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  1. Ok, so what is the percentage of total unemployment currently vs last year? This is missing from the article…


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