Resident starts food-share cupboard

The food sharing cupboard. Photo credit: Olga Jonk

Combatting food wastage is a hot topic at the moment. And deservedly so.

According to a voedselcentrum report, ‘Dutch households wasted an average of 34.3kg of solid food per person in 2019.’ That is a decrease of 17% compared to 2016, and 29% compared to 2010. But, it’s still a massive amount.

One Eindhoven resident recently decided to start doing her bit to tackle the problem. She’s set up a food sharing cupboard in her neighbourhood. And, though it’s still a little empty, it’s been met with praise. Many people called it a ‘great idea’ on the Nextdoor app, where it’s been introduced.

It’s give and take

Neighbourhood residents can bring non-perishable items – like pasta, rice, and canned or bottled goods – they no longer want and place them in this cupboard. “I’m sure you’ll help someone else out again,” says Olga, who set up the cupboard, in her post. People can also take something they need.

Naturally, the goods can’t be fresh. They must also not have expired. Olga says she’ll check the contents regularly. That’s to ensure the rats don’t get to it.

For Eindhoven News: Melinda Walraven

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