Farms to be checked for water pollution

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Regional water boards take regular water samples.

These, unfortunately, show that the water quality in some parts of East Brabant leaves much to be desired. It concerns certain areas in which there’s too much nitrogen and phosphorus in the surface water. These two specific substances indicate that there’s too much fertilizer in the water.

So, in the coming period, the water boards, the Food and Consumer Product Safety Authority, and environmental services will investigate whether farmers process and use their manure correctly. According to the water boards, incorrect use can negatively affect the area’s water quality. During the study, inspectors will talk to several farmers in the area.

Cause should become clear

The cause of the poorer-quality water quality should then become apparent. It must also be determined this pollution was deliberate. If that is the case, action can be taken if necessary.

Water pollution is nothing new. However, its negative impact on the ecosystem and the quality of groundwater is becoming increasingly evident. For example, too much nitrogen can cause too many algae to grow in surface water.

As a result, too little oxygen remains in the water. Fish find it more difficult to survive. Groundwater quality deteriorates too.

The inspection will start in Reuzel and Someren.

Source: Studio040

Translator: Bob

Editor: Melinda Walraven


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