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Eindhoven News featuring Spotlight series
Photo Credit: Expat Spouses Initiative

With the outbreak of COVID-19, we at Eindhoven News, like every other organisation, went through unprecedented times. Our experiences were highlighted by Expat Spouses Initiative in their COVID-19 Spotlight Series: ‘We are not alone’.

“Especially during this period, there was a dire need to impart information to the international community, as they’re all living far away from their own countries and loved ones. It was important that they could avail critical information, discussions, decisions in an accurate way,” says Irene Martens, the founder of Eindhoven News. “Our team rose up to the situation and with our strong group of volunteers, we decided to take on that role and bring prompt Corona news to our international readers,” she mentions proudly.

Eindhoven News team

Director Irene Martens was quick enough to form a collaboration with the national broadcasting service NOS.nl and they willingly allowed us to carry their Corona related stories on Eindhoven News. Besides that, we worked closely with Studio 040 and Omroep Brabant. The different cooperations made sure we got all the important news. The number of daily articles were rewritten in English and afterwards edited profusely by our News Coordinator Melinda Walraven. Also, our writers translated each of the critical press conferences. The national ones, given by Prime Minister Mark Rutte and his cabinet members, as well as Eindhoven Mayor’s press conferences were on Eindhoven News website within hours after airing. A special mention to Chaitali Sengupta who transcripted most of the national conferences.

Not just news, but background stories on primary COVID-19 related topics appeared almost daily. Experienced writers highlighted for example ‘Working from home with kids”, “All available help groups”, “Governmental support for freelancers” and “Nutritional tips to build your immune system”. Beena Arunraj took charge in managing the overwhelming information to be displayed selectively in our Features section.

The team- Eindhoven News 10th anniversary celebration.

It’s therefore a great feeling to see our ongoing efforts being appreciated in the COVID-19 Spotlight Series: We are not alone. This is an initiative from Expat Spouses Initiatives. By interviewing a few of us, they wished to share our experiences with others and thank us for our achievements. The series is presented with the support of Brainport Development, Holland Expat Center South and Eindhoven Municipality (LivingIn).

“We are delighted to share the story of Eindhoven News through the voice of Irene Martens, Melinda Walraven, Chaitali Sengupta, Beena Arunraj, and their dedicated team, who have been very instrumental in bringing out the accurate and objective news tirelessly. The work is truly inspiring and Eindhoven News is deserving of applause and support.” says Expat Spouse Initiative.
File picture- Mayor John Jorritsma with some of the Eindhoven News volunteers.
The entire team of Eindhoven News is very thankful for this kind gesture.
Here you can read the entire article on Eindhoven News on their website and also have a look at the other stories in the series.
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