More tunnels to be beautified

city beautification
The artwork under the Anthony Fokker bridge. Source: Eindhoven City Council

Just in time for increased traffic on the roads – as the anti-coronavirus measures are eased in the city – the tunnels under the bridge over the city’s Beatrix Canal will be decorated with murals and wall wraps. This should be completed within two weeks.

Artist, Johan Moorman’s, designed work within the framework of the Overbruggen project. It’ll be displayed on both sides of the canal. The Spottersweg bicycle tunnel will also be beautified.

The Overbruggen project consists of six large and seven smaller projects in a part of Eindhoven. The project’s artworks reflect what happens behind the region’s high-tech companies’, usually closed, doors. The project has a three-fold goal.

More than one reason

Firstly, the municipality hopes to stimulate cooperation between the creative industry and production companies. The art has a more practical function too. Painting and pasting the tunnels protects the concrete. It also discourages defacing and vandalism.

Lastly, it beautifies the city, which has a positive effect on people’s and the community’s quality of life. The Anthony Fokkerweg work’s the project’s second location. Works from the Vincent Huibers Graffiti Agency’s artists are being painted and pasted here.

The new bicycle tunnel on Spottersweg will be closed from Monday. Cyclists will be diverted via Flight Forum and the Landsard canal bridge. The artwork’s expected to be completed on Friday, 15 May. After that, an anti-graffiti coating will be applied, which will take a few days.

Source: Eindhoven City Council

Translation: Melinda Walraven

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