Light art for local hospitals

MMC and Catharina Hospital are going to be connected by light art. Photo credit: Studio040

The Eindhoven-based Rot8ion Foundation wants to bring light art installations to Eindhoven hospitals. That’s according to a clip on the foundation’s Facebook page.

The installations will serve as a token of appreciation for hospital personnel. Rot8ion wants to donate the installations to the Catharina Hospital and the Maxima Medical Centre. What makes these works of art special is that they connect the hospitals.

The light in the installations reacts to the movement at each other hospital via a network entitled Perpetual Plexus. Not only that, but the installations also respond to the presence and activity of people. The light patterns and video images of the installations are generated live. The installations are, therefore, never in the same state twice.

The more people, the brighter the lights

“The more activity and visitors in a hospital, the brighter the light. Because of this, the work is not the same for one moment and changes continuously. This is where creativity and technology come together. I’ve never seen this anywhere else,” says Rob van Rooij, who’s heading the project, in an interview with OmroepBrabant.

Rot8ion is known for its art installations at festivals such as GLOW, Extrema Outdoor, and Solar. The foundation has started a crowdfunding project to create the artworks. The foundation aims to raise €10,000 for this project.

Source: Studio040 and voordekunst

Translater: Bob

Editor: Melinda Walraven

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