Zero tolerance for ‘corona culprits’

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The number of COVID-19 cases keeps rising in Brabant. Eindhoven has, therefore, employed additional personnel to ensure that people maintain the national corona prevention rule of a 1,5 m distance to each other. 

The city council, however, assumes people will use common sense. This is what Councilor Marcel Oosterveer said in a special press conference about Eindhoven’s corona measures. “We have about 65 Community Service Officers.”

“It takes a lot of effort for them to patrol the city with the police to ensure people maintain this 1.5 m distance. This effort is mainly focused on public spaces. You can rest assured that you can safely leave your house”, says Oosterveer.

Fines of between €400 and €4,000

The policy that has to be followed by the enforcers is also clear. “They are expected to be rational”, highlights Eindhoven’s Mayor, John Jorritsma. “This could mean fines from €400 for individuals to €4000 for businesses. There are three categories of people”, says Jorritsma.

“Eighty-five per cent of people are complying and abiding by the rules. I applaud them. Then there is the small group of teens playing on the football field. They want to comply but do not think they have to. These people can be addressed and corrected.” Jorritsma believes in mutual communication.

But there is a third category – “A small group of hard-liners who do not care about anyone else. They continue to organise so-called ‘corona parties’. We have zero-tolerance for these people,” Jorritsma says.

Source: Studio040 

Translator: Seetha

Editor: Melinda Walraven

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