300 student units added within six months 

student housing
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After only six months, student accommodation at the “Slachthuisterrein” (Butcher’s area) has been completed.

Celebrations were in order on Wednesday evening for the City Council and Woonbedrijf Corporation upon the successful completion of this project. The construction plans for the project, located near the Berenkuil traffic circle, were presented in July 2019. The project aims to provide international students with housing. This has proven to be a challenge for most of them.

Considering the units can easily be demolished, the new accommodation will stand for the next 15 years. This project is part of a plan to accommodate more students. Eindhoven is growing and becoming more popular among students.

Relieve some of the pressure for student housing

The 300 units will relieve a little of the housing crisis pressure the city faces. The Municipality is also looking to involve Fonty’s Hogeschool and TU/e. They want to build accommodation on these respective campuses.

The newly constructed student units are 18m2 in size. Each has a private kitchen and bathroom. There is a communal laundry room and bicycle storage space. They rent for €400/month.

The accommodation is situated near a caravan park. Residents of the park had no objections to the new construction, on the condition that additional caravan stands are made available in the future. At present, the status of these negotiations is unclear.

Source: Studio040

Translator: Ame Harris

Editor: Melinda Walraven

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