Rendac pulls out millions more to combat bad smells

Photo credit: Rendac / Studio040

Rendac is investing an additional 7 million euros in tackling odor nuisance.

For at least a year and a half, residents of the Achtse Barrier district of Eindhoven have been suffering from the stench caused by the rendering company.

Rendac says it does everything to prevent the smell. For instance: animal residual waste is treated after arrival. With heating processes, spoilage is stopped, and the pungent odor diminishes. Smells are also extracted and filters and air washers are used. Furthermore, the company from Son tries to avoid nuisance by collecting carcasses more often at high temperatures.

Yet that has not proved to be enough, according to the many complaints from local residents. According to Rendac, this is due to technical malfunctions and the extremely high temperatures in the summer. The company therefore wants to free up extra money to combat the odor.

The animal residual waste processed by Rendac stinks naturally. Smells are also released during the processing activities. The company processes the material into new usable raw materials and energy. According to the company, about 50,000 Dutch households can be supplied with energy every year with these biofuels.

Source: Studio040

Translator: Dirk

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