Free spinners end up for sale

Image credit: karelinlestrange, Pixabay

The 930,000 spinners that Toi-Toys International in Eindhoven gave away for free on Saturday were not only snapped up by happy children.

On the same day, 50 advertisements appeared on the online sales platform, Marktplaats. People were selling these same spinners. “I have 150 spinners for €1 a piece,” read one such advert.

Some advertisers are letting them go for less: “96 spinners or the whole box for €15” reads another advertisement. In the Eindhoven region alone, dozens of ads selling lots of spinners have been online since Saturday.

There were long queues on Saturday morning at the toy shop in Eindhoven. The toy company gave away a million spinners because they could not sell them. People could take a whole bag if they wanted.

Source: Omroep Brabant

Translator: Nicole Cullinan

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