Eindhoven Sustainability Pact takes next steps

The Eindhoven Sustainability Pact (Duurzaamheidspact Eindhoven), a collaboration between the municipality, housing associations ‘thuis, Sint Trudo, Wooninc, and Woonbedrijf, and Eindhoven Customer Councils Platform (Platform Eindhovense Klantenraden), took its next steps towards sustainable living during work conference “The Heat is On”.

The collective is focused in particular on energy transition, circular economy, biodiversity, and attention to people, and participants have spent six months collaborating intensively in heat transition, circular procurement, and construction.

These initiatives were backed at the conference, where the Sustainability Pact also presented results of recent projects, by a jury consisting of managers and directors from the housing associates, a councillor, tenant representatives, and supervisor Diederik Samsom.

Next, the parties plan to aid municipal efforts to cut energy bills by jointly offering energy-saving advice and supplying an energy box with specific properties (draft strips, LED lamp, radiator foil) to Eindhoven residents in the second half of 2019. This project will also contribute to national climate goals.

During the conference, councillor and president of the group Rik Thijs transferred the presidency to Sint Trudo director Theo van Kroonenburg and Wooninc director Angela Pijnenburg, who will chair the Sustainability Pact for the upcoming year.


Source: Gemeente Eindhoven
By Nicola W

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