WEARE1 takes action against Pegida: ‘No hate in our city’

The Eindhoven group WEARE1 has called on Eindhoven to gather together at Stadhuisplein at 15:30 today to demonstrate against Pegida.

WEARE1 says that its intention is to ‘wake up’ Eindhoven’s mayor, John Jorritsma, and other municipality officials. ‘The limit has been reached. No hate in our city,’ said the group on Facebook.

WEARE1 is a global organisation whose mission is ‘to love, unite and build a community of one through our service to each other’. It has called on people in Eindhoven to bring as many people as possible to the demonstration. ‘And if you can take signs, banners, or other safe means of showing our message, that’s great,’ its spokesperson added.

Letter to the municipality

The group sent a letter to the ‘college of burgemeester en wethouders’, a department of the municipality involving the mayor and the most senior municipality officers. In it, they described Pegida’s recent actions as ‘nothing to do with the right to freedom of expression. This is harassment, not only of Muslims but also of our democracy and our community’.

On Sunday last week (26th May), Pegida, a far right anti-Islamic group, held a large demonstration outside the Al Forqaan mosque in Eindhoven. The group protests against what it perceives as the ‘Islamisation’ of Western countries. They have planned another demonstration for this coming Sunday (2nd June).


A petition addressed to the municipality entitled ‘Pegida is NIET welkom in Eindhoven’ (Pegida is NOT welcome in Eindhoven) has since gained over 3000 signatures.

The petition states that creating chaos and division should not be given a platform under the guise of freedom of expression.

Pegida’s demonstration

Pegida’s demonstration last Sunday was called off early as police stated that they no longer could guarantee people’s safety. As Pegida protested outside the mosque, counter-protesters threw glass, stones and eggs at Pegida members and at the police.


Source: Studio040

Translator: Rachael Vickerman

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  1. Sorry but they all look like they are not dutch and dangerous, maybe they should be the ones not alowed? Just asking!

  2. I think “Wear” is looking in the wrong direction for the ‘hate’ they want to abolish. Agree or disagree with pegida, but they wanted to excercise their democratic right and hold a barbeque. Subsequently they were attacked by a horde of Muslims, who were throwing stones at pegida and police.
    Violence against people who have different ideas is a hallmark of fascism.
    Freedom of Speech is freedom of speech. Once people start to decide that others are not allowed to say things, then they have no idea of what free speech is about

  3. How heroic, stating a welcome for everyone, only to ask to forbid someone to come.
    Pegida is horrible, but denying them their freedom is even more horrible. Speak up against hate, against violence, without taking sides.


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