Eindhoven politics: discrimination at the door? Close pub

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Discrimination in the Eindhoven-based nightlife needs to be tackled. That is the opinion of the city council. This could imply that a pub or club has to close when the entrepreneurs make a mistake three times.

It is an idea which is supported by, among other parties, PvdA (Labour Party), Groen Links (Green Left Party), D66 (Democrats), VVD (People’s Party for Freedom and Democracy) and the Ouderen Appèl (Elderly Appeal). “If it is proven that entrepreneurs are guilty of discrimination, then it’s very clear, ‘three strikes and you’re out’ “, according to D66-Councillor Mpanzu Bamenga.

PvdA-leader Hafid Bouteibi supplements. “Most entrepreneurs are doing fine. There are just a few entrepreneurs who think they can decide everything themselves. But once you touch human rights and constitutional freedom, we say: up to here and no further”.

On Stratumseind there have been complaints that discrimination is taking place sometimes. A number of expats are said to have been refused at the door at bars in the Eindhoven nightlife street. According to PvdA these kind of incidents are not isolated. “It is certainly a big problem. We have been debating on this for decades, but it is now time for concrete measures”.

Tom van Brussel of the business association on Stratumseind calls it an important theme. He is also in talks with other pub owners. Yet closing the facility after a number of warnings may go a bit too far, he says. “Talking about it is easy. The reality is a bit more nuanced but this doesn’t mean that offenders mustn’t be called to account for this”.

Alderman Torunoglu is in favor of a dialogue, between among other, the Municipality, entrepreneurs and visitors. He also points out that cases of discrimination should be reported to the police more often. “Now people often think that there is no point to report an incident. This has got to change”.

Next month Municipality, the hospitality industry, students and expats are talking with each other about the theme. After that Torunoglu wants to look at concrete measures, and enter into a debate about this with the City Council.

Source: www.studio040.nl

Translated by: Bob

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  1. This is indeed the case in pubs in eindhoven. Some of the pubs are really racist. If you are with black hair , they don’t allow you. Don’t be surprise if your dutch friend is allowed and you are not. This is really pity, you need to walk feeling dehumanized.
    I even once complained to police about it and they dont do anything.


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