Chartered flights to Iraq from Eindhoven Airport

From April onwards there are chartered flights to Iraq from Eindhoven Airport.

The Turkish charter company Freebird Airlines offers chartered flights to the country all summer long from the airport. This means that no individual tickets can be bought.

The flights are directed to the cities of Erbil and Suleimaniya, in the north of Iraq. This is in the Kurdish region, which is known as relatively safe. Large parts of the rest of Iraq are considered life threatening due to the fight against IS and the risk of attacks.

The flights from Eindhoven Airport depart once a week from April to October. They are chartered flights and it is not clear for which party the flights will be executed.

The airline will also fly to the Egyptian resort of Hurghada from Eindhoven.

Freebird is not entirely new to Eindhoven Airport. In the past, the charter company started in 2000 operated flights to Turkey, commissioned by TUi. Freebird has a fleet of seven Airbuses and carries a million passengers annually to 170 destinations in 26 countries in Europe and the Middle East.

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