Working together to make Eindhoven Airport area attractive

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Eindhoven Airport, Flight Forum, Eindhoven Air Base, North Brabant Province, and the Municipality of Eindhoven are collaborating on the further development of the airport area in the northwest of Eindhoven.

The cooperation between the five parties will focus on accessibility and public space around the area. “The area in the north-west side of the city is not very attractive for Eindhoven or the Brainport region.

A lot can be done as far as accessibility is concerned”, says City Councillor, Monique List. “In order to improve this economically top location, collaboration with all parties involved is essential and we want to take the next step based on the input of the companies and visitors.”

The area between Eindhoven Airport, Flight Forum, Eindhoven Air Base, and the Beatrix Canal is unique in the city and Brainport region. International tourists and the business community both make use of it. Thousands of people work there, and it is the entry point for the city for Brainport visitors and the passengers to Eindhoven Airport.

This site needs a revamp

This location is due for renewal. To give the area around the airport a clear identity, Eindhoven Airport, Flight Forum, and Eindhoven Air Base have come to an agreement with the Eindhoven City Council and the province of Noord-Brabant to, together, come up with plans for this area.

The new plans are going to be developed together with users of the area, business owners, and stakeholders. Bureau Juurlink + Geluk, an architectural firm from Rotterdam, will be giving three workshops. This will be done to help realise a plan that meets the wishes of the interested parties. Various scenarios are going to be developed and investigated by the local community.

“This partnership for a future vision aims to work together with current users on an area. It must be more suitable for public transport, pedestrians, and cyclists. However, above all, it must become a part of the city where you would like to come and stay”, says Huub Juurlink from Juurlink + Geluk.

Sources:, Eindhoven Gemeente

Translated by: Chaitali Sengupta

Edited by: Melinda Walraven

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