Soeterbeek Manor to be restored

Photo credit: Studio040

The province of Noord Brabant has allocated funds to pay for the restoration and up-keep of the manor of Soeterbeek and its grounds. The estate is located near Nuenen.

Part of the funds will be used to restore the country house. Noord Brabant has many cultural heritage objects. These range from old monasteries and factories, to forts and windmills.

“All these objects tell something about our identity, make our past visible and connect us to our rich and varied cultural heritage and history. We want to make this visible and preserve all this,” stated Gedeputeerde Henri Swinkels.

Dirck Smits van Oyen, from the Soeterbeek estate, is quite happy, funds are now made available for maintenance and preservation. A leaking roof must be tackled, but also a back-log in maintenance and repairs on for instance window frames and other parts made of wood. “A great help!” he said.

In addition to Soeterbeek, seven other cultural heritage objects in Noord Brabant will receive financial help. The funds made available amount to approximately three million Euro. But: all in order to preserve Noord Brabant’s rich and diverse cultural heritage!

Source: Studio 040

Translator: Kate

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