Dog show club outraged over molesting of dogs

Photo credit: Studi040/House of Animals

‘Inappropriate and unfortunate’. This is how Maurice Peperkamp of the Dogshow Eindhoven Organisation reacted to instances of dogs being touched inappropriately at his dog show.

The Dutch news outlet, RTL Nieuws, released images showing certain owners stimulating their female dogs’ genitalia. The dog show was held in Beursgebouw last weekend. The images were taken by members of the animal welfare organisation, House of Animals. The dog show chairman, Maurice Peperkamp, said, ‘We regret that the actions were not reported to us immediately. We would have been able to disqualify the men in question and report them to the disciplinary committee.’

House of Animals

Karen Soeters from House of Animals explains that some of their colleagues started going to dog shows undercover and taking photographs. However, they did not expect to witness this type of abuse. House of Animals believes that dog shows are objectionable. They contribute to the endless breeding of perfect dogs, which is unhealthy for any breed.

When Soeters’ employees came back with images of three men performing intimate activities on three different dogs, she rang the alarm. Soeters has reported the issue to the police. She believes that the actions are punishable, as bestiality is prohibited in the Netherlands.

‘To make them calm’

Why the men performed these actions on the dogs is unclear. ‘I think it is to make them calm. Or to make them stand straighter,’ says Soeters.



Translator: Rachael

Editor: Melinda

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