Concern over Genneper Parks

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The Stichting Vrienden van Gennep (Friends of Gennep Foundation) hopes that the Genneper Parks will remain a ‘unique piece of authentic Brabant’.

When asked, President Kik de Nooijer let it be known that he is not panicking yet. He just already wants to express his concern. “I hope that the fact that, with the Genneper Parks, we have a really unique piece of nature in our city, is taken into account”.

Dual nature

In a letter, he writes about the dual nature of the Genneper Parks. On the one side, there is a range of sports facilities. On the other side, there is ‘a vulnerable, centuries-old stream valley’. In the Eindhoven Municipality’s vision, it is stated that those parts should be more connected to each other. The foundation hopes to stop that. “Let those areas remain separate. They are so different”.


The Municipality of Eindhoven anticipates the growth of the city. They want the Genneper Parks to feature more prominently. “And more recreation is good because we want the area to be used”, De Nooijer says. “We hope the Municipality has the wisdom and care to only lightly polish this jewel with appropriate policies”.


Translated by: Bob

Edited by: Melinda

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