Master Chef Australia in Eindhoven’s Hell’s Kitchen?

Master Chef Australia meets Hell’s Kitchen in Eindhoven? The only ingredient missing: Gordon Ramsey.

At least, this is how David Berg of Eindhoven’s restaurant “Het Cruydenhuisch” describes the “Chef Eindhoven” competition.

Chef Eindhoven

The “Chef Eindhoven” competition kicked off Saturday. Participants started working in the kitchen of “Het Cruydenhuisch” for the first time.

So far, nobody was dismissed – yet.

“Chef Eindhoven” numbers six participants. They all want to learn more about catering and cooking. Some participants intend to start their own catering company. Others want to discover where their talents lie.

The competition focusses on determining the ambitions and talents of all candidates. This should help them realise their ambitions.

Trial run

During “Competition Saturday”, all participants received a master-class to further improve their skills. During the evening, candidates also had to prepare meals for guests of “Het Cruydenhuisch“. Guests took part in judging results.

In between various activities, there were also special assignments. Saturday for instance, there was a quiz and a so-called ‘mystery-box assignment’.

A mystery box contains ingredients candidates do not choose themselves. This tests their creative cookery talents.

Saturday consisted mainly of trial-runs. Candidates had the chance to get to know the kitchen and each other. The real competition starts 2nd of February. The finals take place on 6th of April 2019.

Source: Studio 040

Translator: Kate

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