Catharina Hospital uses new technology

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The Heart and Vascular Centre of the Catharina Hospital is the first in the Netherlands to apply a new technique. The centre uses a new technique to treat cardiac dysrhythmia.

The hospital announced the new treatment is less painful. Patients also recover faster. They do not have to take as many medications as used to be the case either.

The new procedure consists of two steps. The first step involves a cardiac surgeon performing a special operation. During this operation, the outside of the heart is treated. The surgeon treats electrical stimuli which cause problems with the hearth’s rythm.

The second step is performed a few weeks later. During this step, a cardiologist treats the inside of the heart. As in step one, electrical stimuli which cause problems are switched off.

According to the hospital, 85 percent of patients can be treated with this method.

Source: Studio 040

Translator: Kate

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