Two pickpockets arrested at Stratumseind

Photo credit: Studi040

Two pickpockets were “picked up” during the past weekend. Police arrested the two at Stratumseind. The two were caught red handed; stealing phones while walking along Stratumseind.

Police warns people about tricks pickpockets use: “You may be visiting a pub or walking along a street and not paying enough attention. These devious villains pass you and want to give you a high-five, or dance with you. While you oblige, an accomplice steals your phone, your wallet. So please: pay close attention to your belongings and keep an eye on your friends”.

As mentioned in a previous post on Eindhoven News’ website, pickpockets and other criminals may be especially active in Eindhoven and elsewhere, during the current long nights and Christmas holidays. Police also warn, pickpockets are active during regular party-nights.

Eindhoven police stated, they are willing to share advice with party-goers from Eindhoven region, on how to try prevent becoming a pickpocket-victim. Questions can be asked using Eindhoven police’s Facebook page.


Source: Studio 040

Translator: Kate

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