Measures against rainstorms and heat, so tax to increase

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There will be all kinds of measures in Eindhoven to make sure the city is better prepared for climate change.

Therefore, the sewer charge will increase over the next few years. The City Council agreed on those plans on Tuesday evening.

The approach is part of the Municipality’s new sewage plan. Good drainage of excess rainwater during rainstorms is an important part of this plan. The Municipality wants as little rainwater as possible to end up in the 1 250 km-long sewer in Eindhoven. Therefore, measures are needed, the City Council finds.

More rainwater should end up more in rain barrels or green gardens. For example, the Municipality aims to have 150,000 paving stones removed every year, and exchange them with greenery. Furthermore, there are plans for more green roofs, with plants on them. More greenery instead of stones will ensure that the rainwater can run off and that it will become cooler in extreme heat.

All plans, however, must be paid for, and the Municipality is in financial difficulties. The City Council has, therefore, agreed with a proposed increase of sewer tax. The cost would rise by EUR10 or EUR20 per year for many residents. The politicians in Eindhoven agree for now. However, parties including the PvdA and the Ouderen Appèl (Elderly Appeal), want to see whether the costs will rise too much in the coming period.

“Housing costs are also increasing because of the cuts. We have to see whether what we are asking of residents is reasonable”, PvdA Councillor, Arnold Raaijmakers, says. His colleague at the D66, Robin Verleisdonk, sees things differently. “We have the goal of preparing the city for a changing climate. That includes measures such as these, and they happen to have a price tag”.


Translated by: Bob

Edited by: Melinda

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