Police warn locals against “travellers”

Photo credit: Eindhoven Police

The Eindhoven police have warned people in the city to be wary of so-called “travellers”. 

“We want to warn you of a group of people known as ‘travellers'”, reads one of their Facebook posts. “These people are called this because they do not have a permanent place of residence; mostly staying at camping grounds. They offer their services door-to-door. These services include cleaning gutters or painting walls. They then commit various crimes including theft and scams, often threatening residents.”

The post goes on to say that the police received reports of these activities last week. It has been reported that these people sometimes offer their services in such an aggressive manner that people do not dare refuse them. The work has been done in a shoddy way or not at all. People also often have to pay more than was agreed upon.

The police have noticed that, more often than not, vans with Irish or British numberplates are being used by these perpetrators. “The travellers, themselves, also mostly speak English with an Irish accent. They are also mainly targeting very senior citizens. Since the elderly often do not have Facebook, the police are asking residents to keep an eye on their neighbours”, says the post.

The police advise people to not interact with these potential criminals in any way. The police are asking people to please contact them if services were offered to you in this manner. Please also take note of the vans, number plates, and any other distinguishing features of the vans.

If you find yourself or see someone else in one of these threatening position, please contact 112. If it is less serious, please phone 0900-8844. 

Source and photo: Eindhoven Police Facebook page

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