Delhez officially becomes Veldhoven mayor

Photo credit: Studio040/Anne Linde Vervelde

Marcel Delhez will become Veldhoven’s new mayor today. This evening, the official ceremony takes place at Veldhoven’s town hall. City councillors, family and other interested parties will be present.

Delhez was elected favourite candidate for the post of mayor of the third largest municipality of Zuid-Oost Brabant over two months ago. In recent years, he was mayor of the municipality of Noord-Beveland, in Zeeland. He also worked as alderman in Uden.

Delhez succeeds acting mayor Letty Demmers. She took over from Jack Mikkers. Jack Mikkers is now mayor of Den Bosch.

The council’s special selection committee mentioned, Delhez is a real net-worker with a decisive personality. He also has extensive experience in public administration.

The committee stated it was confident, their candidate will properly represent the interests of Veldhoven within the Brainport region. It was very impressed by the new mayor’s thorough preparation for each application round.

All members became extremely enthusiastic. They did not want any other municipality to head-hunt their preferred candidate. So per Tuesday evening, Veldhoven will have a new mayor.

Burgemeester in the Netherlands

In the Netherlands, a burgemeester (mayor) is nominated by the municipal council, but appointed by the Crown. The Crown appoints a mayor for a renewable six-year term.

Dutch burgemeesters chair both the council of mayor and aldermen and the municipal council. They are members of the college van burgemeester en wethouders or B&W (the council of mayor and aldermen).

Burgemeesters have their own portfolios, which always include safety and public order. They have a representative role for the municipal government, both to its civilians and to other authorities on the local, regional and national level as well.

Many Dutch burgemeesters are members of a political party. This can be the majority party in the municipal council, but there are many exceptions. Regardless: mayors are expected to be non-biased and work independently of political parties.

Source: Studio 040

Translator: Kate

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