MMC launches hybrid operating room

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The Maxima Medical Center at Veldhoven has a hybrid operating room. Two types of operations can be performed in this room at the same time.

In the operating room, vascular surgery may be performed, as well as angioplasty and stent treatments (Dutch: “dotteren” and “stent plaatsen”). This is particularly useful in more complex vascular operations.

Patients needing such operations, only need to be admitted and treated once.
They will recover more quickly.

The placement of stents and the execution of angioplasty is done with the help of X-ray images. A corner of the hybrid operating room has a large X-ray arm. This long arm can be moved around a bed.

The hybrid operating room is part of a new operating complex at the MMC in Veldhoven. There are eight new operating theaters. One of these is the hybrid operating theater. Another one is for robotic surgery.

Source: Studio 040

Translator: Kate

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