Walk through Eindhoven-2035

Photo credit: Studio040

Want to know, what Eindhoven city center may look like in say ten or twenty years’ time? Take a tablet and “walk” through Eindhoven-2035!

List all the building-plans and it will be clear, Eindhoven will look quite different in say 2035. There are big plans for the station area, as well as the area between the Witte Dame and the PSV stadium.

For Dutch Design Week, all these plans have now been combined in one tool. Take a tablet and with the help of augmented reality, you can walk through Eindhoven’s future city center. In 3D you can experience how the future city center will be created over the next decade or so.

This is a special initiative of Eindhoven municipality, together with the Dutch Design Foundation and developer Dutch Rose Media. “This will enable us to show residents how the center will change step by step over the coming decades”, says Monique List, Eindhoven’s Alderman Design.

“Normally, you see some building plans in beautiful pictures of an architect. But here all these plans are brought together using one new platform. This also allows people to think about all kinds of developments”, adds Martijn Paulen of the Dutch Design Foundation.

After Shanghai, Eindhoven is the first city to use augmented reality, to let people experience how their city will change.  Visitors to the DDW can participate in this experience at the glass greenhouse, currently situated at the Stadhuisplein.

Eindhoven wants to grow to 300,000 inhabitants in the coming decades. A large part of this growth will take place in the city center. This is why the city’s skyline will change, with many more high residential towers.

Source: Studio 040

Translator: Kate

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