Major safety concerns after crime wave

Stabbings, murders, shootings with automatic weapons, hand grenade explosions. Lately, Eindhoven has been wracked by violence.

The municipality, therefore, wants the appeal to The Hague for at least 100 extra police officers. “The situation demands this. We are begging others for these 100 additional officers. But, even that is not nearly enough’, says D66 councillor, Mpanzu Bamenga.

Mayor Jorritsma shares his concerns. According to him, the local police is overwhelmed. “Police capacity is a problem”,  he says. “Especially when it comes to employability. The force has many older officers and detectives. These people are no longer required to work night and evening shifts. There are also many vacancies, and then there is sick leave. So, the bottom line is that I can use far fewer police officers that it seems at first glance.”

Jorritsma wants to make his case to the minister again. However, he says he does not have too many demands. He knows many other police regions have to deal with shortages. He also thinks that Eindhoven should make more compromises. Currently, according to him, too little money is being spent on safety issues in Eindhoven. “We do not take seriously enough what needs to be done in this city when it comes to safety. This greatly concerns me”, the mayor told the city council.

The mayor will soon be back in negotiations with police force managers, the minister, and the national police. It should then become clear what is in store for the region.


Translator: Melinda

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