Asian tiger mosquito found in Eindhoven district Heesterakker

Asian tiger mosquito found in Eindhoven district Heesterakker

An Asian tiger mosquito has been found in the Eindhoven district of Heesterakker.

The residents of the neighborhood receive a letter about the exotic mosquito. The chance that mosquitoes spread disease in the Netherlands is very small. It concerns diseases such as dengue fever, zika fever and chikungunya. The mosquitoes can only transmit the disease if they first stab someone who is already ill.

The Dutch Food and Consumer Product Safety Authority (NVWA) starts this week with the control of the insect. This as a precautionary measure, to prevent more tiger mosquitoes from coming to the Netherlands. The control of the tiger mosquitoes takes place in an area of 500 meters around the location where it was found.

The NVWA has put mosquito traps in the district to investigate whether there are more Asian tiger mosquitoes in the district. It is unclear where the found tiger mosquito comes from. The insect is originally from Asia, but now only lives in America and in a few Southern European countries.

Source: Studio040

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