GLOW 2018 renewed: four light artwork categories

GLOW 2018 renewed: four light artwork categories

GLOW takes a different approach this year: there are four new routes that the visitor can walk and they each focus on a different aspect.

Bright Light, New Light, Art Light and Green Light, these are the four categories. According to the organization, Bright Light gives ‘the ultimate wow effect’. New Light gives opportunity to talent and experiments. Art Light has an artistic touch and Green Light is focused on sustainability. The categories are indicated in different colors on the Eindhoven map. Not only are there new routes, but the website and design of GLOW have also been renewed.

PSV stadium
There is also a light show in the Philips Stadium this year. The show of 2018 is described as a competition between shadow and light in which the stadium comes to life.

Source: Studio040

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