Third person arrested for serious assault

On Wednesday, the police arrested a third suspect in connection with a case of serious assault. This incident took place two months ago in Stratumseind.

In the early hours of Saturday morning, 14 July, two men were attacked. They were kicked and punched by a group of five others. Both victims were beaten unconscious and landed in hospital with broken bones.

A third suspect, an 18-year-old from Eindhoven has now been arrested. On Monday another 18 year-old, also from Eindhoven, was also taken into custody. On the night of the incident, one man was arrested and is still considered a suspect. He has since been released. The two teenagers remain in custody for further questioning.

The police are, therefore, still on the lookout for two more of the assailants. All the attackers can be clearly seen on CCTV and their photos have been circulated among police officers. The police have threatened to make the footage public if the remaining suspects do not hand themselves over.

They hope that witnesses who can be seen on the footage will also come forward.


Translator: Melinda

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