Youngsters start at third Young Brainport Summer School

Eindhoven’s third edition of Young Brainport Summerschool started this weekend.

This week, about forty talented young people from 20 different countries take part in the special summerschool. They will see, hear, experience what our Brainport Region has to offer. This includes innovative, educational, cultural and social aspects.

The youngsters will be introduced to research and development, innovation, educational and knowledge institutions; as well as to the business community. They will also take part in social and cultural activities.

Through a varied programme, the region wants to ensure these young international ambassadors will share their impressions of Brainport Eindhoven with other possible future students and employees. The ultimate goal is to ensure this region will continue to be an innovative leader and remain a technological hotspot.

Labour market

At the moment, this is a real challenge. The region continues to experience a considerable shortage on the labour market. Many companies, particularly in the high-tech sector, have a problem finding enough skilled employees. This causes these companies to look abroad and attract foreign employees.

“This is why promoting and attracting the largest possible pool of extremely talented students from the Netherlands and abroad, is so very important. This summerschool is one of the ways which may help realise such a special talents-pool,” says Yvonne van Hest of Brainport.


Attracting young talent is also one of the priorities listed in the Brainport Nationale Actieagenda. This plan was presented to representatives of political parties from the Dutch Tweede Kamer last year. An increasing number of training courses in the region also seeks to connect with the local high-tech sector. Schools and high-tech sector hope to inspire pupils to opt for technical studies or tech-jobs.

Source: Studio 040

Translator: Kate

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